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osTicket v1.14-rc2

Release Candidate for osTicket 1.14

osTicket v1.14-rc2
=== Enhancements
* Oops: Lint Fixes (e76c64e)
* Draft Saving in New Redactor (644da1b)
* Cache Children Tickets (a0a58e4)
* Make getChildrenTickets Static (42339c2)
* Lint Fixes (98f4b37, 3eabaa1)

=== Improvements
* Issue: Task Drafts (3e8bce4)
* Lint Fixes (3eabaa1)
* Issue: Task Collaborator Display (d1790f1)
* Fix Link Sort (3a41a8a)
* Issue: Unlinking From Child Ticket (c76cb21)
* issue: Redactor QuickNotes (7251bcf)
* Delete Thread Merge Conflict (d4b6ab6)
* Custom Queue default sort selection (bbd2e80)
* issue: Staff/User Email Length (b969407)
* Queue Sort Options (d2611b5)
* Default for Choice Fields (d85ede8)
* Show list of nested help topics on edit (423c915)
* Upgrader Issue: Ticket Flags (e0298f2)
* issue: Ticket Filter Assignment Event (606993e)
* Don't Delete Child Threads (24b220d)