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osTicket v1.14
Stable release for osTicket 1.14

osTicket v1.14
* php: 5.6 Support (5e7497d, 5f3a8f4)
* Oops: Lint Fixes (c5b15d6)
* Update index.php (e7779e2)
* Overdue oopsie (de7271d)
* Ticket Task count (b4fca25)
* Visibility: Move getJsComparator to Widget class (d3f46bf)
* i18n spelling  oopsies (36b44f7)

* Require Between Date Entries (1aaee58)
* Add Ticket Reference to Tasks (af97900)
* Disabled SLA (2fe5370)
* Queues:  Agents with no team assignment (a00cee9)
* Ticket Merge Upgrade Patch (38fada0)
* ticket-view: Add ZIP export option (5e5b6b8)
* issue: Check $cfg iFrame (a6b8200)
* feature: Separate SMTP Credentials (edb8ac6, d2cb614, 9d4bcb5, 093984b,
* feature: Fetch From Mail Folder (d70dfc1, 901d30a)
* feature: Configurable iFrame Whitelist (44200e5, 2330f47)
* Ticket Merge: Close Children (6fef208)
* Audit Log Plugin (9b80889, 8e3fd4d, bb3d092, 46a764f, 72974c8, 27cfd65,
69da645, 349c982, 7cfc062, a4bd53b, e0ca7e2, d942b16, 2aacbd1, ff90638,
40771ea, 30eeaf9, 2c350f3, f261283, 205b3ae, 5c91dc1, ac1e99c, 59e5d71,
203c716, 54a175a, 5ba9e89, 419a478)
* Issue: Organization Update (7b6bd90)
* issue: Redactor Reset Buttons (8078d4d)