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osTicket v1.12.4
Maintenance/Security release for osTicket v1.12

osTicket v1.12.4
* issue: Spaces In Username (7c8f557)
* i18n: KnowledgeBase JS (bce8296)
* i18n: KnowledgeBase Category (5646e7c)
* i18n: OpenSSL Error (af6f0e9)
* Message Variable - %{message} (315c4e7)
* Datatimepicker: Time format (f0fccbc)

* Highlight tab with error(s) (b81b703)
* format: Clickable URLs (4f7569d)
* Queue Pages Default (dff8bc1, 5105250)
* Add Time boundaries to Between date range (cbc89b3, 31c97cf)
* Clear Overdue Flag on Due Date Change (8c76d70)
* db: System Time Zone (76087fc, d8adf85)
* Modify Reopen Assignment (d50ebbb)
* issue: Format File Name (bd427cd)
* issue: DB Error #1062 (27c925c)
* Issue: Edit Task Fields (05cbb75)
* issue: In-Reply-To Header (8849c19)
* orm: Refetch Failure (eb4bda8)
* issue: Delete Org Session Failure (bbd0c25)
* Feature: Mark as Answered permission option (2fcc664, 52aaa0b)
* issue: Umlauts In Subject (cccdb15)
* issue: Umlauts In Sender's Name (e3f42c3)
* Fix use of possibly uninitialised $_SERVER['HTTPS'] (8e9b150)
* issue: ACL Oopsie (4d774bc)
* issue: Revert  fefed14 (c9be2e0)

* Arbitrary Method Invocation (4dfb77c)
* Auth: Authentication Token Bypass (a9834d8)
* mPDF: Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (6e039ab)
* issue: Attachment Filter (9f4fbc2)