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osTicket v1.10.7

Maintenance release for osTicket 1.10

osTicket v1.10.7
== Enhancements
* Lint Fixes (8c878db)
* cli: Package Better Wording (bf20bdd)

== Improvements
* queues: Fix compatibility issues with newer jQuery (c54372f)
* FAQ Issues (ce3d69a)
* cli: Package No File Permissions (25e6c6e)
* oops: .eml/.msg Missing Not Operator (ce8aadf)
* issue: Retained Deleted ListItem Errors (a3297a2)
* issue: Account Registration Throws Errors (a720507)
* issue: ISO-8859-8-i Charset Issues (4da0324)
* issue: Search Reindexing Thread Entries (bbf1010)
* issue: is_formula Dotall Mode (992e904)

== Performance and Security
* Remove File Type Override (539d343)
* Validate integrity of uploads (eba6fb9)
* issue: Rogue Closing div Breaks HTML Thread Tree (3bb4c0a)
* xss: Install Form (c3ba5b7)
* security: CSV Formula Injection (9981848)
* security: HTML File Browser Execution (Windows: Firefox/IE) (33ed106)