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osTicket v1.10.1

Maintenance release for osTicket 1.10

=== Enhancements
- Users: Support search by phone number
- i18n: Fix getPrimaryLanguage() on non-object (#3799)
- Add TimezoneField (#3786)
- Chunk long text body (#3757, 7b68c994)
- Spyc: convert hex strings to INTs under PHP 7 (#3621)
- forms: Proper Field Deletion
- Move orphaned tasks on department deletion to the default department (42e2c55a)
- List: Save List Item Abbreviation (8513f137)

=== Performance and Security
- XSS: Encode html entities of advanced search title (#3919)
- XSS: Encode html entities of cached form data (#3960, bcd58e8)
- ORM: Addresses an SQL injection vulnerability in ORM lookup function (#3959, 1eaa6910)