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  6. 31 Jul, 2018 1 commit
    • Michel Conrado's avatar
      update the wiki · e91578b3
      Michel Conrado authored
      - Changed few notice notes.
      - Add topic "Creating a list with JSON and interacting with"
      - Add topic "JSON Syntax using Raw HTTP or Ratel UI".
      - Add topic "Using JSON operations via cURL"
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  11. 18 Jul, 2018 6 commits
    • Manish R Jain's avatar
      Fix proposeTxn and calculateSnapshot (#2493) · b21f099d
      Manish R Jain authored
      - Fix up proposeTxn, so we are updating the CommitTs as per the status in Zero oracle.
      - Fix #2474 by dealing with a nil resp.Context in server.go
      - Fix calculateSnapshot. It is not a given that every StartTs in Mutation proposal would have a corresponding commit/abort decision. So, use Oracle's MinPendingStartTs to decide how to calculate snapshot.
      - Remove o.aborts in Zero. The work can be done by o.commits map.
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      Print version when running Dgraph. · e2783d6e
      Manish R Jain authored
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      Fix an issue with calculating snapshots, so we only consider mutations with... · da16430c
      Manish R Jain authored
      Fix an issue with calculating snapshots, so we only consider mutations with edges, and not schema updates. Schema updates do not have a corresponding txn commit.
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      Add min pending start ts in trace. · 9f937568
      Manish R Jain authored
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      Simplify txn commits and aborts (#2491) · b5ee7af0
      Manish R Jain authored
      - Commits have been separated into CommitToMemory and CommitToDisk. This logic is a lot simpler and clearer than before. In particular, CommitToDisk does not try to generate any state. It just serializes the posting list stored at startTs and pushes that to Badger.
      - Multiple txns doing CommitToDisk can now be batched up into fewer transactions and use callbacks to execute quickly. Added a helper struct for that.
      - Remove the concept of activeTxns in posting/list.go. It's a repetition.
      - Simplify txn.deltas, and removed as much as I could.
      - Removed abortMutation methods from txn (mvcc.go) and posting/list.go
      - TryAbort returns OracleDelta, which can be directly proposed in the group.
      - abortOldTransactions uses this to ensure that in case we missed a transaction update, the result of the abort can then be proposed to the group, so group snapshot doesn't get stuck.
  12. 14 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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      Fix up predicate snapshot (#2487) · ea1f5449
      Manish R Jain authored
      Fix up both the way we create a snapshot and the way we stream it. Make the logic robust and add tests to ensure that the calculation of snapshot is right.
      Streaming no longer needs to worry about `min_ts`. We no longer send a snapshot upfront. Raft would request it as it desires, and the follower sends the snapshot details it needs from the leader. The leader in turn checks if its snapshot matches with what the follower wants. This is a better logic, but not entirely foolproof (comment in predicate.go explains).
      Bring in Badger changes, which add a `DropAll` method, which is called before applying the snapshot.
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